Puppies Available

More photos coming soon!

Ginger is a F1b miniature Red labradoodle born last Oct out of Ruby and Toby

Ginger as a puppy


I wanted to thank you for the beautiful puppies and the first rate service.  The trip home went well and they are doing great.  Ginger and Minnie went to the vet today and everything is just fine.  They have adapted well to our family and we to them.  They are already part of the family.  Ginger is so calm and sweet.  She could sit in your arms for hours.  Minnie is so playful and rowdy.  She already plays fetch with Scott. I have attached a picture of the girls resting after play time.Thanks again for everything,







Sadie has our vote for a doodle in office. Sadie is a multigen out of Jazzy and Kaluha.
Tippy is a Oreo puppy
This is Magic a Zoey and Kaluha puppy
Puppy out of Jazzy and Kaluha

Labradoodles love water

Rags and Dickens
Frodo a beautiful Toy Aussie,

Frodo is our pride and joy. He had a rough time at first gaining weight, but now full grown he weighs in at 10.5 pounds. The vet says he is extremely healthy, well bred, well cared for, and is not expected to get any bigger. The Vet's comment at Frodo's one year check up was "I bet he is really fast. This dog is built for speed."  

And that he is. My son's 110 pound Akita-greyhound mix and Frodo love to run our 5 acres and Frodo has no problem keeping up with Cody.


Thank you for this wonderful addition to our life.


Lucy a Multigen parti out of Oreo next to her twin from this year. Both are standard size labradoodles.



Doodle dogs on logs!!!!!!
Family full of Doodles!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany just got back from the beauty shop and she looks pretty!!!


She is almost 5 months old now!

Tiffany is a miniature multigen parents are Zoey and Kaluha



Tiffany as a puppy

Hi Bree,


We purchased a multigen black/white labradoodle from you in August.  She was born May 18th and was the last one of her litter.  We named her Sadie and she is doing absolutely great.


I'm writing to ask you about the poodle security blanket toy that you gave us for her when we left.  She loves it and I'd like to get another couple to have on hand.  Where do you get them?  Would it be possible to buy a couple from you if you can't give me the direct store?


I am attaching a few pictures.  She's about double her size right now at almost 6 months.Thanks.

Kelly (and Rich) Burkitt





Reilly came for a visit today to get a new brother his parents are Oreo and Finnigan.
Tedy is a standard parti multigen out of Oreo and Kaluha



Hi.  I hope you are doing well.  Attached are some pictures of Bruno.  He is going great and we just love him.  He has been busy going to baseball games and football games.  Thanks again.

Jazzy and Kalua puppy

Hi, Bree and family!! Well, Semi is almost six months old and just as adorable as ever. She has grown so much and her coat has gotten a lot lighter so she is a toasted marshmallow color. Just beautiful! She is a hit at the dog park and my daughters' school. She loves to ride in the car and will jump right in whenever she gets the chance.

We have her scheduled for her spay this Thursday. A week early, but we will have company here for Thanksgiving through the middle of December so we thought we should do it while the house is still calm so she can rest. The girls and I love to visit your website to see all your new puppies!

Thank you again for choosing the perfect dog for us.


Cissy Klein



Semi as a puppy out of Jazzy and Kaluha
A beautiful family completed by one of our Standard poodle pups. Jazzy is happy in her Florida home and doing great

Thanks Chet for giving her a wonderful life

This is an Aussie miniature that is out of Tonic and Lazarus born 6-06-06 Blue merle male
This is Tedy! Isn't he cute!
This is Mara she is a F1b who is very loved by her family. It was great to see all of the pictures from her summer vacation
Another one of Tedy!
This is Mocha a F1b Labradoodle

Scooby and Figaro are the parents


Very handsome man

Parents are Oreo and Finnigan

We are so thrilled with Semi (Hershey). She is just as wonderful as you described. What a gentle nature! She was a perfect pup on the long drive home with only a little whining. We are pleased to announce that she has had no accidents today and has learned to sit and lay down. She also knows, out, in, go potty and kitchen. What a smart girl!

We named her Semi, short for Semi-Sweet and Seminole (my husband went to FSU). She has slept in her crate at night with no problems. During the day we have her confined to the kitchen since we are always in there. I just can't tell you enough how much we love her.

I have a vet visit scheduled for Monday so I will keep her up to date on her shots. Got my first three month supply of vitamins, so we are all set there as well. Thank you again for helping us choose the perfect dog for our family. Take care and I promise to send pictures as she gets older so you can see her progress.


Mary Sue


Bree - and family,


Just wanted to let you know that the pup is doing FANTASTIC!  He was a perfect addition and the dogs seem to totally love him.  We still haven't decided on a name, so we're calling him Shrimp for now. 


His favorite sleeping spot is to climb up on top of Jaxxon and cuddle in all the fur, it's hilarious.  


We'll get some pictures at some point and let you know what happens with his crazy coat.






Have to tell you...she's working out great...I can't believe she's so good.....Her stools are fine and I'm keeping her in the play pen so she can see us a little better.  She has a bed and I got her some toys and she's really really good.  She cries a little at first and then settles in her bed.  She seems to like it.  We've let her out and she runs around...definitely a people puppy and she's been running to the door.  I take her out and she does her thing and comes back in.  I really can't believe it and hope it continues.


Everyone that has seen her so far is in love with her and think she is the cutest thing.  She likes to climb and on the way home she climbed behind my daughters head and slept spread eagle around her shoulders  MY other dog isn't quite sure yet,  She tolerates her to a point and then lets her know when she's had enough.  I think the puppy is a little too energetic for her but it will work out fine.  My maine coon cat is so blase ...he could care less but the puppy is a little cautious of him.  Her whimpering has just about stopped.  I was a little concerned at first that maybe something was wrong, but your husband was right...I think she was just settling in.  She's eaten twice since we've been home and likes to put both feet in the water dish.....I just took her out for the last time tonight and she's sleeping soundly in her bed in the playpen.


I can't thank you enough for her...by the way we're between Daisy Doodle and Dipsy Doodle for a name ...can't quite decide which one....my other doggie is Domino so we're trying to keep it with a "D".  I will take some pictures or her with us sometime over the weekend and send them to you..  It is so nice to find someone on the internet that is truthful and reputable. Everyone I've talked to has said how lucky I am to have found someone like you as there are so many scams out there.


So again thank you and I will keep you posted on how she's doing and if any questions arise.




This is Jasper!

FACT: When introducing your new puppy to your other dog; Once you have purchased your new puppy and are ready to bring it home do not take the puppy into the house, let the 2 of them meet on neutral ground. Either bring your other pet in the car to pick up the puppy to enjoy the ride home together or in a part of the yard that your dog does not go to. This will help your other pet to be more open to the transition and not go into protection mode.